Guide for companies: How to register for online services

Companies wishing to register to inEnasarco (the reserved area dedicated to online services) must have Enasarco identification number, issued at the time of initial recognition to the Foundation. The companies established recently can obtain it in real-time via the website inEnasarco, by clicking on the item “register now”.

The identification number enables the company to access online services in a few clicks: just connect to inEnasarco, search for the item “companies” and click on the link “register online services.”

The operators of the companies that are enrolled in the Foundation can access online services only with personal authentication credentials. After indicating their username and password and confirming their updated email address, they must send their “personal identification form” together with that of the legal representative of the company. The documents can be forwarded to Enasarco by uploading directly from the reserved area, or by sending an email or a fax.

The members of Enasarco staff check that the documentation is correct and, if so, they proceed with sending an email with an activation code. For the sending will be used the certified e-mail address of the company (based on that shown in the register of company details). If the company is not in possession of it, the operator may request that the activation code is sent via post office.

Once registration is completed, the operator can access all the online services with personal email address and password.


Register now


New username/email address for companies already registered


All users of inEnasarco must indicate an email address that matches the username.

Authentication credentials are absolutely personal and, therefore, can not be shared between operators.

The operators of the companies that are already registered (owners of an old username that does not coincide with an email address) can update their credentials at any time, just following the instructions that appear after having logged in.

In order to properly fill out the “personal identification form” the operators must keep on hand their identity document.” Since the companies are already registered, they are not required to send the document of the legal representative, unless it has changed.

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