How to calculate the social security contribution

On all amounts due for any reason to the agent (commissions , expenses, production bonuses , payment in lieu of notice ) in dependence of agency mandates . The payment of social security contributions, taking into account the limits of a minimal and an annual ceiling, is made in full by the firm, who is responsible for the part for the agent. The contribution rate for the year 2016 shall be al 15,10% commission (to be divided equally 7.5% for the principal and 7.5% by the agent ) .


The firms can consult the online calculator.

What will change with the new regulation?

The regulation of institutional activities provides a very gradual increase in contribution rates. The increase will be spread over a period of eight years ( 2013-2020 ) during which the contribution rates will rise from 13.5 % to 17 % . This allows the agent to enjoy a further pension, at the end of his period of employment.

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