How to fill the online register of mandates

To access this feature the principal must be registered to inEnasarco website . The on -line register of mandates replaces the paper form.

Unlike the paper form, the online one must be filled by indicating the commissions accrued by each agent. The system automatically calculates the correct contribution to be paid, taking into account the minimal and the maximum commission per annum.


Four steps for a correct compilation:



The system makes a “snapshot” of the current status of mandates present in the archive, generating the set of lines that make up the register of mandates to be completed.

Before performing this step is essential control over mandates. An error in the database (such as a mandate to an agent working for a single company accidentally entered as an agent working for several companies) will inevitably result in an incorrect calculation.


Saving a partial compilation

The register of mandates shall be temporarily stored in the archive. This rescue is useful in the case of very long list, because it allows to carry out the partial compilation (for example, 10 lines per time) saving the intermediate results.


Temporary storage

The temporary storage of the register of mandates allows the compilation of it in the following days.


Final storage

The register can be confirmed only by the end of the compilation and after having checked all amounts. With this operation (which is equivalent to the delivery of the paper form), the company certifies that all amounts are correct and that the register can be acquired definitively.

After confirmation, the online register is no longer editable but only available for consultation.

The register takes the attestation value only if printed after confirmation. The confirmation must be made before the due date for payment (eg. On May 20 for the first quarter). The lack of it by the due date will result in automatic elimination of all documents saved in provisional state.

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