What is the retirement bonus fund (Firr) ?

The retirement bonus fund ( Firr ) comprises amounts that are set aside at Enasarco by firms in favor of their agents . Upon termination of the mandate of the agency , the Foundation pays to the agent relative amounts set aside. In the event that the mandate ends in the current calendar year, the Firr relating to that year must be paid by the company directly to the agent .

The requirements for the firms

  • Making the first enrollment in Enasarco (and in possession of the   identification number );

  • Have conferred at least a mandate of agency or commercial representation.

Recipients of the retirement bonus fund (Firr)

  • Agents operating independently;

  • Agents operating as partnerships ( SNC/SAS ) ;

  • Agents operating as companies (SRL/SPA. ) .


The request shall be made on line

  • The request can be made by the firm or the agent that are registered to the reserved area services, inEnasarco;

  • The procedure is quick and easy: the agent no longer needs to travel to the office, nor to fill out forms. Also payment times are faster.

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