The online deposit slip

In order to access this function, it is necessary to register on the site and be certified for the private services. In order to register and be certified for the private services, foreign firms must advise their tax number in their own country and send an e-mail request for registration to the following address: The on-line deposit slip completely replaces the traditional paper one, which should no longer be sent, so as to avoid confusion. Unlike the paper-based declaration, the on-line deposit slip requires entering the commission payable to each agent. The system automatically calculates the correct contribution to be paid, taking into consideration minimum and maximum amounts. There are four steps in compiling the on-line deposit slip:
  1. Generation An overview is generated of the agents on file, being all the lines which make up the deposit slip (the “schedule”). Before undertaking this step, it is essential to check the status of all agents. An error in the file (for example, an agent erroneously entered as MONO – working for a single company – instead of PLURI – working for several) will inevitably cause incorrect results in the calculation.
  2. Saving in provisional form The deposit slip is saved to a temporary file. This step is useful in the case of very long schedules, because it allows them to be compiled “a bit at a time” (e.g. 10 lines at a time) while the intermediate results are saved.
  3. Retrieval and saving again in provisional form It is possible to retrieve a provisionally saved deposit slip and complete its compilation over succeeding days.
  4. Confirmation of the deposit slip When compilation is complete, and after all amounts have been checked, the deposit slip may be confirmed. With this operation (which is the equivalent of mailing the paper schedule) the company certifies that all the amounts shown are correct, and that therefore the deposit slip may be treated as definitive. After confirmation, the on-line deposit slip may no longer be modified, but may always be displayed for consultation.
If it is desired to keep a copy as a record of the deposit slip, it must be printed after confirmation, since before that step it has no value. The deposit slip must be confirmed by the due date for the payment (e.g. 20 May for the first quarter). All provisionally saved on-line deposit slips which are not confirmed by the due date are automatically purged from the system. Before starting to compile an on-line deposit slip, users are requested to read carefully not only the user manual but also the instructions displayed on each page. For assistance with handling contributions on-line, send us an e-mail and we’ll reply promptly.

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